Casa da Música - Porto, Portugal


AIME 2021 will take place in Casa da Música in the city of Porto, Portugal. Located in Avenida da Boavista, Casa da Música is one of the most unique concert halls in Portugal. It was designed by the dutch architect Rem Koolhaas to mark the festive year of 2001 in which the city of Porto was designated European Capital of Culture. 

With Rem Koolhaas’ signature, Casa da Música is a fundamental reference of contemporary architecture, attracting visitors from all over the world, who praise its boldness, grandeur and versatility.

The conference will occur on different spaces of Casa da Música.  


Casa da Música - Sala 2


On June 16th, parallel session will take place in Sala de Ensaio 1 and 2. Casa da Música has a number of rehearsal rooms of a variety of sizes that can be used for meetings and conferences.

From June 17th to the 18th, all sessions will take place in Sala 2, the second largest concert hall in Casa da Música. Its phenomenal acoustics is based on the coating of walls and ceilings, in perforated plywood. Most of daytime natural light passes through the South-oriented window, and iluminates the whole room. 

Finally, on June 19th, parallel session will take place in Sala de Ensaio 1 and room CiberMusic. The CiberMusic has been used for meetings, concerts and lectures, maintaining the necessary technical liaison to the building for computer systems. 


Casa da Música - Sala de Ensaio                                               Casa da Música - CiberMusic      



Conference hotel information and additional accommodation options will be posted in a later date.