Time Session Name Title Students Tutor 1 Tutor 2
14:00 Opening     Annette ten Teije  David Riaño
14:10 Session 1: Data & Process Mining

Interpretable machine learning techniques for patient phenotyping in clinical problems

Antonio Lopez-Martinez-Carrasco Lucia Sacchi Szymon Wilk

Developing Data Science Approaches to Improve Paediatric Critical Care Patient Flow and its Related Health Economic Benefits

J. Palmer    
15:10 Break 1        
15:30 Session 2: Clinical Decision Support Systems

Patient behavioral anomaly detection in   healthcare systems

Garazi Artola Cédric Pruski Annette ten Teije

Objectivisation of Facial Expression Assessment in Parkinson’s Disease and Depression

Teodora Matić    
16:30 Break 2        
16:45 Session 3: Modelling & Prediction Performance of a Multicenter TAVI Early Mortality Prediction Model: Center Variability and Case-mix Variability Tsvetan R. Yordanov Adela Grando Martin Michalowski

Machine Learning Methods to Predict Duration of Stay in  ICU Patients

David Cuadrado    
17:45 Closing     Annette ten Teije  David Riaño